The Black Paintings, 1993–99

In Memoriam C.G.
  • In Memoriam C.G., 1994-1999
  • 96 × 96 inches
  • Oil on linen
  • © Pat Lipsky, Courtesy of Eric Firestone Gallery

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These paintings were part of a multimedia production of abstract art and percussion entitled Dark Love, which premiered at The Kitchen in Chelsea in 1999 and was composed by Theodore Wiprud. They were also exhibited in Miami, 1994, at Art Space, Virginian Miller Galleries.

“Pat Lipsky’s Black Paintings are extraordinary to me because they open themselves to the viewer over time and convey such powerful emotion in purely abstract terms. In both ways they work like music, and from the first time I saw them, I began thinking of how they might sound … They are not representational; they do not illustrate situations or emotions. Instead they simply are; they mysteriously embody mood and emotion with great subtlety and complexity. Their music is both austere and intimate; formal and mercurial; monochrome and polychrome.” — Theodore Wiprud